Azkals vs Malaysia (Tigers) — my first international game ever!

Watching the Azkals was intense and exhilarating! My friend randomly invited me the other day and so I decided to tag along.
Malaysians doing their warm-up routine

There were some Malaysian fans who flied all the way here just to support their team and I found that so hardcore. That really encouraged me to support our team and be as hardcore because I really do enjoy competition.

The game was really close but ended up a draw. We scored the first goal on the first half and they did on the second (such a downer). It's really such an intense feeling when the team you support gets a goal.

I think they're in Nepal right now for a game against North Korea and a bunch of other teams. I heard they're really good and shouldn't even be part of this part of the game because they've already been to the world cup or something like that. Being libertarian, I obviously hate those commies (well, more their leaders of course than the people).

After that we went to this place by Rockwell to have a few drinks in this pilot school graduation party thing. I do believe that flying is one of the fullest expressions of freedom. I love airports and airplanes. I love being on the window side and just watching the clouds and the ocean and the islands.

I watched The Iron Lady yesterday. I'll surely write about it soon. I was planning on finishing my review/commentary on it today but then it's the weekend and I'm such a procrastinator haha. Be sure to watch out for that though. Follow me on Twitter to get updated on my latest blog posts and other random things happening in my life.

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