Amazon Affiliate Program Philippines — I've decided to put Amazon ads on my content

This morning when I woke up, I wrote about my personal list of top 10 libertarian books that I really love. If you'd notice, instead of just putting a photo of the cover of the books in my list, I put ads that are linking to Amazon. The idea here is that my referrals, most especially if someone buys, will make me earn commissions. Aside from that, my three main blogs Beating the Search Engine, HarryLeaks, and Libreng Sabaw also have Amazon ads now (not to mention my other blogs that are not public but more of for SEO).

I never really earned from Amazon ever, especially back when I was just starting out with the whole profiting through blogging and so I abandoned the idea and focused more of my attention and time to Google ads (it's faster, more lucrative). As my views are continuously growing, I'm really considering more options for making money. HubPages, for instance, have their own private affiliate program that I have not opted to join (mainly because I don't have paypal so that won't be a problem soon). Plus, there's also the eBay affiliate program and Nuffnang (an Asian online advertising company much like Google AdSense).

This might sound retarded, but I got the idea mostly because of this new TV show I'm watching called The River which is of course set in the Amazon river so I got reminded of Amazon ads and now I'm using them. Might as well, I guess. There's nothing ever wrong with increasing revenue. Let's review my progress:

Page views on my ads for the month of February

You see, February was a bad month for me. Even if it's missing one or two extra days as compared to the other months, I'm no longer satisfied with having less than 40,000 views. Although this month is picking up and looks promising, I really need to double my effort.  

In my How Much Can You Earn Through Blogging article I quote myself:
"I wish Google can send me like some sort of certified true copy of my pageviews or some sort of certificate haha. When people ask me in person I just say that I get 5 to 10k views a month just to make it more believable..."
40k is just average. Also, I must keep in mind that I have a 60/40 cut with HubPages meaning 40 percent of the time it's their ads showing and not mine. Taking that into consideration, it's undeniable that I'm getting even more than what AdSense reports to me (page views are also very different from ad impressions).

It's not even about my blackhat SEO techniques anymore (spam-ish posts). Google Panda already took care of that and I admit defeat. So many of my articles were knocked down and even up to now it's so hard to rank unlike before. But then my views continue to grow as I focus more on quality writing rather than purely SEO. 

I have this greater incentive to excel. I've always have. It's this inherent desire to prove a point. Very soon, if the trends continue to be in my favor and as I work harder, it could reach 200 dollars a month. That's not bad at all, yeah? A humble amount for just lying around, I'd say. And then it grows even more. I've written before about so many people earning up to 3,000 dollars a month just on blogging. That would be an awesome passive income that just comes aside from whatever it is I'm doing in real life whether business or employment.

I am in the process of underconsumption, a process explained in Peter Schiff's book that I talked about in the top 10 libertarian book list above. Yes, I'm currently not getting as much fish as many others are but, like Able, the character in Schiff's book, I am merely working on a device so that I could catch more fish. 

I need around 13k for AppleCare. I need about 1000 dollars by around early May for this conference thing in China I'm hopefully going to. There's also Taking Back Sunday. Plus, summer would surely be about travel. Amazon is just a small step for there's so much more work to be done. Let's go, Harry.


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  2. When amazon pay out, its as a check. How to you chash it out in the Philippines?

  3. When amazon pay out, its as a check. How to you chash it out in the Philippines?

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  5. How is blogging monetized? $3,000.00 a month is not a joke. I wish I could duplicate your feat! Maybe I have to focus on this one first before hopping to another..


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