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Okay so I decided to post Far Cry 2 PC Review on HubPages. This is something I wrote around 2 years ago, if I remember correctly and used to be on both my Facebook notes and Wordpress. I realized that, having been a blogger for 9 years now, I have a lot of already written content that's not contributing to my revenue and one of them was that narrative of me playing Far Cry 2.


There's so many vague and annoying things about the Google AdSense terms and conditions but then again I'm not in position to complain because they are giving me money. I remember writing this really long post about Fringe and I was forced to take it down because, I'm assuming, I posted a screenshot of that scene from the pilot episode where Olivia Dunham was only wearing her underwear in the sensory deprivation tank.

Aside from that, I'm also fairly annoyed when I discovered that I am not allowed to post stats of my Google AdSense views or earnings. It's interesting because that policy contradicts the very essence of this blog.

And now, we move to the reason I'm writing this post right now. Google AdSense is very strict when it comes to copied content. Aside from the unethical reasons against plagiarism, multiple posts of the same content can really mess up their algorithms. My issue now though is, since I posted on my Wordpress blog already and since Wordpress is so powerful when it comes to ranking and getting indexed by the search engines, I wonder if it could somehow be considered copied content. Just to be sure, I already deleted the ones I posted on both Wordpress and Facebook notes. I'm just being paranoid because I heard that once you get banned from Google AdSense it's really going to be hard to appeal or reapply. Also, I doubt it's plagiarism because I wrote and own that content and give myself permission to delete and repost haha.

Although I am not expecting to earn a lot from that post mainly because it's an old game and probably no one cares about it anymore, it is better to be somehow contributing to the productive sector of my writing no matter how little.

It is quite an ideal post because it is very wordy. There's always been that rule of thumb in SEO that more words is always better. I guess this is because many times the algorithms of the search engines mistake quantity for quality.

I'll probably be looking around my old content and transfer them to my blogs that actually generate revenue. All these views and profits are indicators anyway of where I should improve and where I'm doing it right.

I'm actually about to watch The Iron Lady in a while. I don't mean to be hipster-ish about this but I knew about Margaret Thatcher long before she became mainstream haha (I am assuming that since Meryl Streep won best actress for her role here that even those who are not into history or politics will know about Thatcher). I think I've mentioned Thatcher already in several things I wrote before. I'm not entirely sure but I'll look into it. Rest assured that I will be writing about this film after I watch it so watch out for that (keep in mind that this is not in anyway an indication that I agree with ALL of Thatcher's policy decisions).

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