Nikon FE Strap for my Canon HV40, Being Sick, and Boracay

I've been sick since friday night. I've just been lying around watching Alias as you may have noticed on my Twitter. Now since season 2 isn't as awesome as the first one (in my opinion), I figured I should make myself useful and do something pseudo-productive for a change.

I have a bunch of post-it note things on my mac dashboard that remind me of things I'm supposed to do and I'm already 6 blog posts behind. Also, one of the reminders tell me to look for a strap for my Canon HV40. That's when I realized that since my Nikon FE hasn't really been cooperative, I should just transfer  its strap to the HV40.

nikon strap canon
Using the Nikon FE's strap on the Canon HV40

It worked! I love the contradiction of using a Nikon strap for a Canon product. I think it's somewhat entertaining. Check out this video, one of the first I've ever seen that pushed me to pursue getting the HV40:

(This one was actually shot with a Canon HV20, a predecessor or my camcorder)

I'm really learning a lot about how I can increase the quality of my videos by using proper settings. I've really been emphasizing on using aperture priority because of this fixation I have to bigger aperture (in hopes to get more "bokeh") but in the latest video I took of our trip to Boracay last December, I noticed too much jitter or even doubling of images. At first, I thought it was an effect of using 24p but later on realized that it's the shutter speed. 

Since I'm not really fond of the "Cine Mode" function, next time I should stick to 48 shutter speed when on 24p and also eventually learn the "exposure lock trick" everyone online has been talking about (this is also to avoid the graininess I got when shooting at night). Shutter speed is apparently a totally different realm when using it in capturing video as compared to photography.

Boracay Last December

The main reason, actually, why I wanted a strap was so I don't have to bring a bag around all the time if  I bring my camcorder. Also, I'll be going back to Boracay sooner than I think and it would be perfect to shoot and practice again and get to rework on my previous mistakes. I got the exact same dilemma before going to Cebu and I guess this time I'm really sticking to 30p unless I really figure out what's going on here.

A friend mentioned that because sore throat is one of my symptoms, the pathogen entered my body through either my nose, ears, or mouth. This ideally rules out dengue because that enters through the blood and it is unlikely that I have both because of interferons. This also reminds me of the movie Contagion on this part where this girl said that humans touch their face an average of 3,000 times a day and is one leading cause of getting infected.

I'm still very sick and I don't really have anything else to do except endure Alias season 2 which, as I have mentioned, I find so disappointing (I will write and expound on this more soon).

Viruses are really evolving to become more annoying. For some reason, one symptom I have is extreme hunger which is contradictory to another symptom which is my sore throat that makes it difficult for me to swallow. Here's to hoping I'll be better by tomorrow.

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