Our Very Own Southbound Lantern Festival

Epic Wish Night 11/11/11

Video by Paolo Dolina and edited by Ricardo Malit

It was a really amazing experience to see people come together through voluntary association and be able to organize spontaneously. There's no need for big sponsors or government intrusion. The initiative of individuals is enough to make things happen. It's really amazing how one person's idea can move and unite people. Congrats and thank you, Giselle.

In spite of the rain, people arrived, lined up and remained very optimistic about the event. It does make me proud to be part of the south. It's really such a chill and laid-back community.

I think there was a problem with some people who didn't clean up their own mess afterwards. It's that kind of attitude that can ruin profound events like this and should be changed. But aside from that, the event was a complete success. I'm looking forward to next year!

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  1. Thank you for composing this beautiful writeup, Harry :) I quoted you in my blog if that's alright. You relayed everything so precisely and wonderfully :)

    (You don't need to post this, in case my old comment pushed through after all haha)


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