YouTube and "Bottom-up" Musicians and Other Artists

It's lovely how we can all just freely post videos on YouTube. There's something very democratic about it. Around a decade ago, you'd need a permit from congress to broadcast a channel nationwide, now, even if you just have a crappy cellphone camera, you can broadcast your videos for almost anyone in the world to see (I always emphasize that the big government of China and other countries restrict these kinds of freedoms). This affirms my belief that technology, in the hands of entrepreneurs to provide competing products and services, empowers individuals and limits the powers of bureaucrats.

Imagine that people like Justin Bieber or Charice Pempenco and thousands of other talented and skilled individuals are discovered just throug this medium (not that I'm saying Bieber has talent, this is a personal preference issue, to each his own). This is what a "bottom-up" design or structure ideally is—giving back power to individuals.

Saint Soldier's Remix of Matisyahu's song One Day

A lot of people post video covers or remixes of songs. This makes me quite wary of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and I notice how mediums such as this one is changing the concept of copyright. Like the video above where Saint Soldier made his own version/remix of Matisyahu's song. I'm not really sure if he has 'permission' or 'right' to do so but I love his own version just as much as I do the Matisyahu one. It actually gives me a different perspective on what "love" is (in spite of its abstractness) and it's quite timely for my current state of disarray and loss.

And this is the same for so many people: just random people doing covers and remixes in their room and being able to share it to the world. There's this guy, Going Quantum, when I first heard his playlists and mixes I thought he was some big shot DJ like Tiesto or something like that but then eventually he posted a video saying hi to his fans and he's just some random guy in his room. Again, bottom-up instead of top-down is how I interpret this. It's as if you no longer need big recording companies in order to spread your music (and this is the same for other arts as well such as filmmaking).

Chris Rene's Audition on X Factor

Think of YouTube as something similar to X Factor, only instead of having Simon Cowell and the others as judges, the judges are the audience themselves, the users of YouTube, technically everyone in the world. People can click like, subscribe, comment and give their two cents. It's very democratic when individuals (the consumers), have the power to vote what they like and what they don't and choose who deserves to be rewarded and those that are not worthy. And yet in spite of those people/videos deemed to be untalented or unworthy of rewards, they are still given the equal opportunity to post their videos anyway. Doesn't it remind you so much of what a free society is all about?

On an absolutely random note, I like lampshades. I really like how lighting can drastically change the ambience and mood of a room. Being interested in photography or filmmaking, I know the grave importance of lighting.

I have this white fluorescent light on my room, quite bright and lights up the whole room. For some reason, whenever I have three little birds singing sweet songs outside my window, I prefer lampshades. It's as if my spirit (in a non-theistic sense but more on the deep consciousness or unconscious energy of sorts) reminds me that the harshness of light (a strong form of energy) has a negative effect on me whereas the lampshade relaxes me and has a very positive physiological and psychological effect on me.

It's weird how I get my best ideas and creative juices when I have mandatory work to do. So, I guess I have to go and stop procrastinating. Hope you guys drop by again and check out my other random thoughts and ideas. May peace and love be with all of you! Waheguru!

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