Sharing Music: Sigur Rós - Olsen Olsen (Öxnaladur) [live]

I think frequency of updates is considered in the algorithm. I don't really have anything to write about. Actually, I do but my internet hasn't been helpful. There's something wrong with the DSL so I'm using a USB stick thing. I'm not really even in the mood to blog right now. Might as well, I guess. Good thing I got a hold of Leo Sternbach, that guy is so hard to get in touch with sometimes.

I guess I just wanted to randomly share this moving live performance of Sigur Rós (just one of the many). It's probably one of the best bands to watch live ever in your life.

I'm actually writing a script right now. It has a very Terry Gilliam vibe, much like Fear and Loathing mixed with The Imaginarium. It's very chaotic and disorganized, very very non-linear. It's has a lot of local flavors only infused with a hypothetical setting where the Philippines is a first world country, centered on one character, who, as I have mentioned above, has that gonzo vibe, lots of narrations. It will have something to do with the Visayan area so I guess that's where the local flavor comes in. Here's a screenshot:

I'm really very excited about it. I mean I'm feeling very positive about it because I really like it and I see myself in it. There was this film director who had a talk in my university before who said something about always looking for yourself in your work or something like that because it becomes deeper and more real.

I'm on my 7th page but I'd say I'm way less than 5 minutes in. I try to be detailed, somehow, like very specific. It's more personal than anything, really. And it seems impossible to shoot because of all the budget concerns my creative mind is demanding.

It's just something to do also, I guess. Just trying to have a positive outlet. And who would have figured I'd be able to write? My last post on HarryLeaks, I felt like I was reporting instead of writing. That I wasn't really there. That I couldn't see myself. I can't even begin anything on HubPages. Something like this works though, I guess. So I just have to keep this up.

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