I'm Looking for a Barber

I used to have a regular barber. The type who knew stuff about me. The type who'd ask random questions and try to start conversations.

But then I got rid of my rose-tinted glasses and realized it has gotten monotonous, boring, meaningless (in the nihilist sense), and so now I just go to any random one.

barber shop light
image source: http://stelanie.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/barber-shop2.jpg

Problem is, someone who's not familiar with my hair or probably still have very little skill or experience can ruin my hair (this is the downside of not having a regular one). Aside from contempt, familiarity also does breed trust. Familiarity is a double-edged sword, I just realized. Think of it like your regular barber as someone who's continuously going for 10,000 hours of cutting your hair.

But this does not mean that I don't want to have a regular barber. I'm just very picky. I have too many expectations. For instance, if you would want to be my barber then you need to have these qualities and requirements:
  • Intellectual, likes history and sciences
  • Libertarian-leaning (freedom loving, fiscal conservative)
  • Interested in film photography
  • Likes to surf (I don't really surf but people who do are fun and interesting to be with)
  • Eccentric taste in music and films
If you have all or at least even just a few of those qualities then I will most certainly be game for you to be my barber.

I feel like going to the barbershop that's why I wrote this. But it's not really sure. It all depends.

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