KFC and the Greatest Sacrifice of All

My friends made this video for the KFC So Good Moments contest. Watch it and click like and share it on your wall or Twitter now!

This actually happened to me in real life (only my chicken skin didn't fall, I already ate it hehehe). Adrienne Nicole Bernal gave me her chicken skin and I considered it to be the greatest sacrifice of all time. It's what made me suggest it to Nikko and the others when discussing about the concept to use for the contest.

I just got so reminded of it yesterday when she gave me her chicken skin again yesterday while driving home from 3 hours of traffic in EDSA and a tiring weekend at the beach. It just made everything better. It made all the hassles of life disappear knowing that someone is willing to give up their chicken skin for you. That's why I'm so compelled to blog about it all of a sudden.

Anyway very related to that greatest sacrifice of all would be true love or Pag-ibig na Tunay, here's a video of All Too Humean for the Nestle Pag-ibig na Tunay Ating Awitin contest:

Lots of videos are currently in the works so be sure to subscribe to their channels and watch out for more!

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