Website Ideas: Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a Horse and Rain Music

I really need to start thinking of website ideas. I'm not really aiming for the typical "made-for-AdSense" Wordpress CMS type websites or anything big scale or ambitious. I want something super simple and ingenious.

sarah jessica parker looks like a horse

That site above came out long before the social media marketing trend. It's so simple. It's just photos of Sarah Jessica Parker beside photos of horses. No need for heavy coding knowledge or experience. The site became very popular and made a lot of money for something so simple.

rain moods website

This one I remember seeing yesterday is just a website that plays rain music. It's very simple. Again no need for heavy coding experience.

Something simple. I'm sure my brain can come up with something very soon. I'm still waiting to further increase how much I earn through blogging. Having an AdSense account is really an achievement in itself. Anytime I think of a good concept I can just try it out and put ads if I want. It's cheap and it's automatically global. I need something simple yet innovative. I need to keep on cultivating ideas in my brain.

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  1. Social media is about the people! Not about your business. Provide for the people and the people will provide you.


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