Kanin Club vs Shakey's — Keyword and Ranking Analysis

eI find it annoying that I am ranking for keywords for Shakey's but far from the front page of Google search results for Kanin Club. The reason that I am annoyed is because for the latter article, I believe that it is more focused on quality—I provided a quality review that can really be helpful whereas for the Shakey's one, I was merely typing randomly almost without rhyme or reason, focusing more on keywords and SEO, all for the sake of PageRank.

why is my poop green

Random trivia: according to online wordtrackers, over a hundred people each day search "why is my poop green". Let us pause for a while and remember those who are struggling in the fight against green poop.

Anyway, even in my food blog I recently updated about eating in Kanin Club last night. And obviously I am backlinking like crazy because I am so annoyed that I'm not in the front page of Google for that search query. Don't get me wrong, I love it that I'm ranking for certain keywords about Shakey's. In fact, it is one of my best source of traffic and income. Hundreds of people are searching for delivery or menus for Shakey's Philippines.

This shows how much Google is still unable to distinguish on what "quality" is. Remember, Google is a program, much like a robot, that works based on algorithms and keywords. It is so dependent on keywords. It can't even really comprehend photos and videos and depend merely on tags and keywords from the content around those types of media. I've talked about that countless times already.

I'm just so annoyed that I'm not in the front page for Kanin Club. Like I said, I ate there last night and it annoys me even more. Not that I'm saying that my article about Kanin Club is super high quality. Obviously there are a lot of sites competing for the keywords related to Kanin Club. I'm just so annoyed that I'm not in the front page. It's more of a personal thing than a desire for ranking. I'm sure there are a lot more who search for Shakey's than Kanin Club anyway.
kanin club keywords
Here are some of Google's keyword suggestions for "Kanin Club"

I think it's the craziest thing that Kanin Club still doesn't have their own website. I don't think restaurants should rely on having a Facebook page alone. I mean, social media pages is a big plus to market your restaurant but having your own website where you can put your menu, branches, and these other things that people are searching for is very important. Having a blog where people can get updated on what's new and having entries based on these keywords is also very important. Websites with no blog get less search engine visibility.

It doesn't really matter what I'm yapping about. The main purpose of writing this is for backlinks. But one important thing you must realize about PageRank and search engines is that they are very content-aware when it comes to where backlinks are coming from. So I guess yapping about what I want to backlink is always a good thing.

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