5 Days of War, Google Panda

I've had a lot to think about recently. Ron Paul is no longer running for congress again (which means this presidential bet is the world's last hope), Google's Panda has forced the cowards over at HubPages to move users into a subdomain (this might be bad news but hopefully not), and now to top it off, I've been experiencing some flu-like symptoms (since the other day, actually, maybe because of the weather).

5 Days of War is very moving and thought-provoking. I plan to write about this over at HarryLeaks as soon as I can. Regardless of the facts or accuracy of the story of the film, it just shows the evil of wars or any form of taking innocent lives. It's really good, in my opinion, and I really recommend that you see it. One scene, the leading hot girl was wearing a Klipsch shirt, if I'm not mistaken, so maybe I'll write about that here real soon as well (watch out for these posts, be sure to follow me on Twitter to get updated on my latest rambles).

You know, one of the initiatives in Google's stupid Panda is to add a human factor to the robotic algorithms. You can actually block results that you think are spam and the data they gathered will be significant on how their search engine works, some say. I don't really know. That's just one small factor. I never got into learning more about it because I thought I'd never be affected by it but now, as I have said, HubPages is doing all sorts of changes that might hurt my traffic (again, I will write about this soon, this is a very long topic that I have to discuss and I don't really have much time right now) and they seem to be in denial about how bad this really is.

Be sure to come back for more updates.

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