Make Your Weaknesses Profitable

By blogging about them! Yes, surely you would know a lot of real and relevant information about your weaknesses therefore those who have the same weaknesses will be searching for this information on Google. So even if you use search engine optimization techniques, it wouldn't really be considered spam or unethical, because your information is real, based on experience, and may be helpful to others. Of course leave a disclaimer that you are not a professional and that people shouldn't really take your information as 100% facts (like with anything we read, really).

For example, I've recently had kidney stones. I was so sure that a lot of people are wondering about the different medications and procedures that would be done. Especially those who are probably having the same symptoms or those who are going through the same thing. Aside from earning, I was also able to help (real free market capitalism is not a zero-sum game).

Let's take my article about Acalka tablet I take for my kidney stones (do you see what I just did there? That's called a backlink and when google's robots and crawlers analyze this site they will see that it has some relevance to kidney stones and that it is pointing to my article thus giving my article more points in credibility and relevance). It's a very annoying condition. I'm not allowed to eat many of the things I love. But hey, I should blog about it. Go for long-tail keywords based on the actual google suggestions and also based on my own personal guesses of what people will be searching for.

As you can see for the keyword "Acalka" I'm on the front page but somewhere on the bottom. I think this is quite an achievement since it's much easier to rank with long-tail keywords. Eventually with more backlinks or maybe some edits on the article I can go even higher in the ranks and everyone who chooses to click will one day know my information about the drug Acalka.

Here are some other keywords that my article on Acalka and Rowatinex are ranking on:
More important than the quality of your article, you must rank on search engines. It is the only way to get real significant traffic. Social media is just a small aspect of it, in my opinion. You can't always expect your output to go viral or to go trending. The real strength is still in pagerank.

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