Google is Paying me Again

Here's a a CSV report of my earnings. I didn't even know what a CSV report is until now. I googled it and it says "comma-separated values". I guess that's probably it. I don't know. I just went to my Adsense reports site thing and clicked download CSV and got this interesting chart.

I don't know what to make of it, really. What you see is what you get so just interpret it, I guess. I'm not really in the mood to write. But I guess that's one good thing about this supposed effort at beating the search engine, the money comes even when I'm not in the mood, even when I'm not writing, even when there's no effort at all.

I think I've mentioned that, as the chart makes obvious, I have reduced the time needed in reaching the payment threshold from 7 months to 4 and have increased the money arriving from 112 to 123. That's quite significant, I guess. I mean 20 dollars is a lot. Maybe to you it isn't. But for the mere act of being, for me, an extra 20 dollars means a lot. Plus, everything is going just as I predicted, so that's always a good thing.

Here's a screenshot of how my Blogspot blogs have contributed to this incoming 123 dollars:

You see, it's nothing. One thing you have to understand is that most of my earnings come from writing on Hubpages. So writing here about all these weird things I like and anything you might find helpful is almost like charity, really. It's just something I enjoy. The same thing with HarryLeaks. I am compeled not by profit but by advocacy and enjoyment. As you can see my stupid food blog that I haven't even updated is earning way more. If anything, the only worth of these blogs are for backlinks.

So you see, I didn't really do anything to get the 123 dollars. I don't even remember writing on Hubpages for the past 4 months. Probably once or twice, I don't really know, but the point is that it was effortless. It's free 123 dollars for doing nothing. And it will increase even more and the time needed to get it will go down even more. Do you see now that it's inevitable? Just imagine, what more if I put effort into it? What more if I actually write every day?

Also, no, you can't just apply for Google Adsense and expect to have the same results. I planted seeds. I cultivated them and put a lot of effort in taking care of them. Back when no one believed me. Back when, on the top of the chart, my earning was at 6 cents. These are the fruits of my labor. I will harvest them. I will put them in the refrigerator. I will buy cream and make a fruit salad. Yes, a fruit salad of my labor, a dish best served cold.

I am not in the mood to write. I've lost incentive. But I am compeled to announce to those who want to know that I am getting paid again. It's almost 4am. I just can't see the relevance right now. Just check out this remix I made, I guess. Maybe I'll take up some classes, some more schooling, you know. It doesn't matter.

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