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Check out my battle station. Klipsch Promedia 2.1, 13 inch i5 Macbook Pro, a 500gb Western Digital external harddrive with most of the stuff I need (audio samples, plug-ins, stock videos), and of course earphones and USB mouse care of CD-R King haha.

macbook pro workstation

If you noticed, I've just been sharing music on my twitter account cause I'm really enjoying sound tripping on this setup. Also, it's very conducive for making music. I just wish I had a brilliant view from my room window that would be epic. But of course even without that, I'm really loving this workstation most especially now that I was able to fix the house router and the signal in my room is pretty strong.

alesis photon m-audio trigger finger
Alesis Photon X25 and an M-Audio Trigger Finger

Of course the set up is super incomplete and I'm planning to one day purchase the two midi controllers above. They'll be perfect for my music making needs. I'm not really sure but I think I will no longer need to buy an audio interface cause either of those midi controllers have one already. If ever, I'll surely need a decent condenser microphone. And an electric guitar. Actually a full band set would be great haha. And a really comfortable and ergonomic computer chair.

I'm technically broke right now though. Google's next payment will come around last week of June and that's so long from now. Plus there's that desire to just spend it on roaming around. So I don't know really. All I know is that it's always good to write down goals.

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