Some songs from my Facebook

Some of the songs here can exclusively be found on my Facebook account, being that Wordpress doesn't seem to allow embedding of Facebook videos and so I got lazy to re-upload them just to be able to put them up on my online portfolio. Plus, interaction is more prevalent in Facebook and I do enjoy the feedback I get from the few listeners I have.

"A Fractal World"

I do enjoy adding random trippy videos on my songs but of course I never make them too prominent as not to overshadow the music. I try to make them complementary of course and in a sense somewhat otherworldly.

"Kailan Kaya"

Singing has always been a frustration for me. Many times I say that this is actually the reason that pushed me to take up musical instruments so I can make them sing what my voice can't. In times that I am compelled to use vocals, I use a vocoder and some pitch correction to fix it up.


I am ultimately in a very post-rock stage of my life as you may have noticed. My songs are chill, reflective, and very close to the heart. I do integrate this with other elements I absorb from drum and bass, dubstep, trip hop, and the wonderful complexities of IDM. Aside from the oxygen I breathe and the food I consume, I also derive a great deal of my energy from electronica.


I am not so fond of formal training. For many of the instruments I play, I quit after taking up basic lessons. I feel that reading notes and playing them turns me into a machine, some sort of programmed human music box. I admit, this stubbornness and unwillingness to conform with traditional methods of learning is a disadvantage but for that I compensate with passion, initiative, improvisation, and creativity.

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