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I am expecting a spike in my views on my Facebook profile page because tomorrow is my birthday. Aside from those who will go to my wall to greet, every one of my friends will also be notified that it's my birthday and will have a backlink on their homepage. So obviously, this is something I should really take advantage of.

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The advantage of the old profile of Facebook is that you can place your links below your profile picture. The new profile got rid of this. I am guessing this is an attempt to monopolize the web. So now to get our away around the new profile page, we can place a banner in the image stream on top. This could easily be done by going to fbanners.com. Then on my profile pic, I put all my details below the area that will be taken as thumbnail and really take advantage of the space allowed by Facebook to be used.

I put icons of Twitter, YouTube, and Wordpress because all three of my accounts on these sites are under the same alias anyways. I actually got this name from watching the TV show Lost back in 2006 when I made a YouTube account. It's a good thing I chose the same name for my two other sites which made my designing of the banner an easier job. For the image stream I put the link to this blog, of course, cause Beating the Search Engine is my current flagship.

I didn't get to promote my Hubpages account though, it's a shame cause this is what makes most of my profit but it's okay because most of my traffic here comes naturally from search engine search queries anyway.

So yes, it's my birthday tomorrow. Why not share any of my blogs on your wall? or on your blog? or on your twitter? Add me up or subscribe to any of my accounts or click like on the Facebook page of this blog.

Birthdays were never really a big deal for me but I realized that it's the one day of the year when you should be most optimized because there's that expected spike in views because of the Facebook birthday notification free backlinks and spam your wall with greetings phenomena. Also it's a Sunday, and that's the day of the week when there's most number of users online. It's perfect.

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