Google's April Fools' Day Hoaxes

This year's hoax is Gmail Motion where you can supposedly control your Gmail account with bodily motions.

It's funny that Google actually invests their time and resources on a hoax each year. I remember TiSP or Toilet Internet Service Provider. I actually thought it was possible since sewage systems could be interconnected and wires can be waterproof anyways.

This year, this Gmail Motion they talk about is actually also very possible. Reminds me of the Nintendo Wii's motion sensor.

I'm guessing that these hoaxes are ideas pitched by their creatives but didn't really make it so they just turn it into a hoax. I am sure they're open-minded when it comes to ideas and don't consider anything far-fetched. Like many of the technology we use nowadays are inspired by science fiction anyway.

I'm not in the mood to expound or say anything else. I also want a fruit shake.

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