On Punishing Students

A long time ago, teachers had the authority to beat their students with sticks. The bible even justifies that children be disciplined with a rod (Proverbs 23:13). Now it seems, that the "more civilized" and more "modern" educational institutions have chosen to just bombard children with mind-numbing monotonous work.

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I really don't know what's more effective. I'm really not an expert on psychology or whatever. But what I know is that I'd rather they beat me with a stick and deter my physical body than waste my time with their mind-numbing punishments (not to mean that I agree with beating children).

It's supposed to "teach me a lesson", at least that's what they are assuming. It's really just such a waste of my intellect and time. I could have written something brilliant, learned something new, changed the world--but no, I was inserting pieces of paper on books in the library. And they want more of it, more of wasting the potential of their students.

It's obviously a policy issue. I respect their rules and regulations (their premises anyway) and I understand there are consequences to my actions. It's just so bothering that a small bureaucratic group is given authority to decide what this consequence is. It's much like how people respect China's rule of law but it doesn't mean they agree with the death penalty and the execution of those used to traffic drugs.

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