New Logo for this Blog

This is the new logo of Beating the Search Engine that I made. First of all, I researched the symbolisms of colors, much like how the colors of a country's flag supposedly means something. Black is for power and formality. Blue is for stability, truth, and confidence. Gray is for intelligence, wisdom, and reliability.

The symbol on the left is, of course, a light bulb. I do have that fascination with the story of Edison and how it took him a thousand tries before being able to create the right one. He did not get discouraged by the failures and said that he only discovered a thousand ways of how not to make a light bulb. I do try to incorporate that kind of thinking with any project I delve into and make sure that I do not get discouraged by "failure". So on the logo, that serves as the symbol for hope and optimism. It is not lit because it will always be there to remind me that the work is never finished and I must always continue to innovate and think of ways to light it up.

Having a catchy logo is always good marketing, I suppose. This is an attempt at giving Beating the Search Engine a stronger brand identity and market presence. This logo represents me and this blog. This is my hopes and dreams in logo form.

I'm still thinking how I can create some sort of banner that has this logo for the header of this blog. Hmm...


  1. I like the idea, but I'm trying to be helpful: the light bulb doesn't work(for me, at very least, and probably many more people)

    Try googling 'light bulb graphic' and you'll see how the stylised light bulb invariably is
    1. not spherical,
    2. The screw fitting is smaller in diameter than the bulb.
    Only trying to help; honestly.

  2. I respect your opinion.

    The problem is I don't think there is a strict definition or rigid form of how a light bulb should be. I've seen light bulbs in all shapes and sizes. I've actually seen a spherical one, I swear.

    If you want your light bulb to be like everyone else's then go ahead, to each his own. But surely you'd be able to innovate more if you stop thinking with this kind of one-track mentality.

    Only trying to help; honestly.

  3. Wow nice one! LoLz - 'Only trying to help; honestly.' :))


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