The Left Side of my Brain

I used to be really good at this, I’d say. Coding and programming, these things were so easy for me back in my old computer classes when I was younger. Not that they were teaching us anything hardcore but as basic as those lessons were, it felt as if it was some sort of language I can really understand. I have already emphasized the difference between syntax and semantics many times—it is one thing to know the codes and another to understand. Recently I have been favoring the development of the right side of my brain and taking for granted the power of the other side.

A while ago I saw one of my Hubpages articles, the one about the TV show Fringe, get unpublished and get flagged because for some reason it was deemed unfit based on their quality standards. Usually this would occur if you use profane language or publish unoriginal content or any other breach in their code of ethics. Quality hubs thrive so their motto says.

It made no sense to me because for that article, I really tried to pour out my heart and soul—Fringe isn’t just any TV show to me, it is something I love and I am grateful for. It’s not even the length or the number of words; it’s the ideas, theories, and advocacies that those words represent. And so in fear of having my account thoroughly reviewed, I am planning to delete that said article.

I am unsure about how serious I can get with PHP but installing the Wordpress CMS will be fairly easy. You see, most of my earnings come from Hubpages. These other blogs of mine like this one or the food blog or the one on libertarianism are things I do for fun and for the love of writing. I understand the need for the regulations of Hubpages and I see how I can benefit from it. But there are times when I just want to blog freely without any conceited reviewer grading the quality of my works. All this being said, I am planning to start a new website as soon as possible.

Time is finite and irreversible. I must catch up with my 10,000 hours.

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